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Redbank Dental Centre  >  Orthodontics


At Redbank Dental Centre, we are happy to be able to offer Orthodontic treatment to our patients and are proud of the dramatic results our patients are achieving!

Dr Ranjit Sangha has done additional training in the field of Orthodontics and offers patients FREE orthodontic consultations to discuss various concerns and the best treatment options for each individual case. She is able to offer two kinds of orthodontic treatments: Braces or Appliances.

Dr Ranjit has also completed additional training in using Soft-tissue laser, and is able to now treat Tongue-tie and Lip-tie concerns which can also have a bearing on children’s orthodontic needs.

We are able to help your gain the smile and confidence you have been dreaming about at any age! There are different reasons why people may want orthodontic treatment, as well as reasons our dentists may recommend it for you, a few common reasons are:

  • To improve appearance (usually fixing crowding or spacing concerns)
  • To improve function (how your teeth work together)
  • To protect teeth (if teeth meet incorrectly this may lead to premature wear)
  • To improve speech (for example what we call an “open bite” can affect your speech)

It’s never too late to improve your greatest asset – your smile!

If you are in the Brisbane or Ipswich regions, and are looking to enhance your smile, book an appointment today and see how we can help you achieve this!