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Dental Mouth Guards

A custom mouth guard protects your teeth and mouth when playing your favourite sports and outdoor activities.

Whether you’re making tackles on the field, riding your bike or hitting the court for a game of basketball – the potential for a collision or impact injury to your mouth is there. A custom mouthguard protects you and ensures that your teeth and jaw are fully protected when you’re playing sports.

Not only do mouth guards protect your teeth from chips and cracks, but they also prevent your teeth from cutting or lodging into other players during collisions.

Although you can buy mouthguards from the chemist or a local store, you run the risk of not being adequately protected against damage or injury. This is because a non-custom mouth guard simply doesn’t provide the fit and protection that a custom-fitted mouthguard offers.

When it comes to crafting custom mouth guards, our dentists are experts in comfort, fit and design.

Is a Custom Mouth Guard Right for You?

A mouthguard works as a buffer in impacts, and it can absorb the shock of any force. When there is an impact to your face – especially to the lower part of your face – the impact can travel through your jaw, through your teeth and even to your skull. This can cause problems like concussions and damage to your teeth.

If you play sports of any kind, cycle or otherwise engage in an activity where there is the potential of a blow to the face or head, you should have a custom-made mouthguard protecting your mouth. For a small cost, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your teeth, jaws and head are protected against impact injuries.

Improve Your Game

A custom mouthguard won’t just help keep you safe on the field, it can also improve your performance and help you refine your game. We can customise your mouthguard to provide a perfect fit in your mouth, making you forget that you’re even wearing one while playing. This can help you focus entirely on the game and perform at your best.

Our custom mouthguard can:

  • Provide a perfect fit in your mouth
  • Help improve your breathing while playing
  • Protect against impact or trauma to the head or mouth

If you are currently using a ‘boil and bite’ mouthguard, know that you may be incurring some negative effects due to discomfort or breathing difficulties. A poorly fitting mouthguard is uncomfortable and can truly have an impact on how well you are playing or performing. With a custom mouthguard, you can focus on the game and pay full attention to your performance.

Minimise Risks

Collisions are part of any contact sport, so the threat of getting hit in the face, mouth or jaw is always there in these activities. A custom mouthguard can protect your face and mouth from such collisions, absorbing the impact and minimising the trauma to your jaw, teeth and mouth.

A well-built custom mouthguard can help protect you from injuries such as:

  • Broken jaws
  • Broken teeth
  • Tooth loss
  • Tooth chips and cracks
  • Cuts in the tongue, lips, gums or inner cheeks

Such injuries can take a lot of time to recover from, possibly leading to extended time off work or school. They can also affect your appearance and require complex dental procedures to fix.

Although a custom mouth guard is not going to be as cheap as a non-custom mouthguard, it does offer superior protection and better comfort that make them wiser investments for your health.

Redbank Dental Centre for Custom Mouthguards Brisbane

At Redbank Dental Centre, we are committed to making sure that your custom-made mouthguard is comfortable and perfectly shaped to fit your teeth and mouth. When you arrive for your dental appointment, we will take a mould of your teeth and mouth and then send these off to be made into your own perfectly shaped mouthguard.

It will be ready for you in a few days to a week – and you’ll be able to play sports without worry. A custom mouth guard is a long-term investment to ensure the safety of your teeth and mouth for longer.

Ready to give your teeth and mouth the protection they need? Contact us to make your fitting appointment for your custom mouth guard. For custom mouth guards Brisbane wide, trust Redbank Dental. Call us on (07) 3814 2477 to book your free consultation.

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