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Brisbane Orthodontic Treatment

You too can achieve that straight smile you’ve been looking for…

Orthodontics is a highly specialised branch of cosmetic dentistry, concerned with straightening crooked or misaligned teeth. At Redbank Dental Centre we are proud to provide orthodontic treatment to our patients and are proud of the dramatic results patients are experiencing.


Braces and Treatment

Recent technological advances and changes in bracket design have made orthodontic treatment more comfortable and efficient, so that desired outcomes are achieved in much shorter treatment periods.

We offer our patients the two kinds of Orthodontic treatments:

  1. Braces – which are a mixture of brackets and wires fixed to the front of your teeth, which work by putting gentle pressure on your teeth and moving them gradually into correct alignment.
  2. Appliances – which can be easily removed and reinserted into mouth. They consist of wires and screws held together by a plastic base and are often used to hold teeth in their final position once braces treatment has been completed.


Why We Recommend Orthodontic Treatment

If your teeth are crooked, you will not be able to clean your teeth properly so we use braces to:

  • Adjust crooked teeth
  • Align misaligned upper and lower jaws
  • Treat uneven bites, including over-bites and under-bites


Our Brisbane Orthodontist: Dr Ranjit Sangha

You don’t need to travel into the city for orthodontics. Dr Ranjit Sangha provides high quality orthodontics to all patients at Redbank Plains and neighbouring suburbs.
Orthodontics Redbank Dental Centre

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